Carbon Laser Peel

A novel carbon + Laser + IPL combination

Carbon Laser Peel is a different name for a ground-breaking triplet in skincare: activated carbon, laser, and IPL. This technology purifies the skin of toxins, pigmentations, heavy metals, excessive sebum and brings out the best of your skin: soft, smooth and ready for all the valuable nutrients from your skin care program.
How it works

Activated carbon is like a magnet: it sucks the toxins and then release it outside when blasted by our non-invasive laser and light technology.

For who

Carbon Laser Peel is especially suitable for urban dwellers whom exposed to high amount of toxic release from vehicles, factories and UV light for an extended duration.

The results

The treatment begins with activated carbon face mask for 15 minutes. The next laser steps were applied to target different skin needs and ended with an IPL treatment.

Our process

Carbon Laser Peel keeps your skin healthy by acting on impurities infecting skin cells. This process protects your skin against hyperpigmentation when pollution is on the rise.


View our gallery of real before and after photos to see the results we can attain for you.



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