Fractional CO2 Body

Skin resurfacing

Using advanced fractional laser technology, tiny pinpoints of CO2 laser energy are delivered to ablate the problem areas of the skin, leaving good, healthy skin untouched. The laser stimulates collagen and elastin reproduction in the dermis, and allows a more rapid healing of the skin together with a resurfacing of the top layer. This results in the reduction in appearance of stretch marks and a smoother skin texture.
How it works

Tiny little shafts of light penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. The skin then repairs those tiny shafts by pushing out the old skin and replacing it with new skin.

For who

If you have permanent stretch marks, you may be an ideal candidate for this treatment (one of the most popular methods for dealing with unsightly stretch marks).

The results

This type of laser treatment is recommended for deep stretch marks because the treating of the tissue results in an ongoing process of skin rejuvenation.

Our process

During a co2 laser skin resurfacing treatment, numbing cream is used to relieve potential discomfort. It requires 7-10 days of downtime; However, healing time varies.


View our gallery of real before and after photos to see the results we can attain for you.



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